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Video: Man_had_a_heart-to-heart_conversation_with_Tiwa_Savage_in_traffic_without_knowing_it_was_her

Man had a heart-to-heart conversation with TiwaSavage in traffic without knowing it’s her (video)

An upcoming artist had the opportunity to make his life better after encountering with tiwa savage live in Lagos traffic without knowing it was her.
The Nigeria singer tiwa savage was responding to the man amicably without the man know the person he was talking to was tiwa savage.

iamicebergslim posted below :

I just found the most hilarious video on my phone Myself and Tiwa were driving in Lekki traffic, and a guy noticed her, so he approached the passenger side window.
She put the window down to acknowledge him, and he started doubting himself that it was her. He was so convinced that it wasn’t her and it couldn’t possihly be her. They ended uhaving a FULL conversation.

Watch video below


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