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10 Key Reasons Why I Adhere to Apostle Joshua Selman – Evangelist Iyke Oyeka

10 Key Reasons Why I Adhere to Apostle Joshua Selman” – Evangelist Iyke Oyeka

There are numerous men of God who have undoubtedly been a blessing to our generation. God has bestowed upon this nation great and powerful men who have paid the price of alignment.

Despite divine direction being a major key to connecting with a spiritual covering or Father, I have observed and consistently witnessed genuine and compelling reasons to follow this man.


1. Genuine Love for God: A fundamental aspect of following or submitting to any man of God is their love for God. Apostle’s profound love for God is evident. During a mentorship session I attended with him in March, he expressed, “I love God more than ministry.” Such depth of devotion is rare.

2. Love for the Body of Christ: I’ve observed certain men of God disparage the body of Christ, but Apostle Joshua Selman consistently demonstrates love and respect for all. His commitment to nurturing the body of Christ through inspired teachings is commendable.

3. Balanced Teaching: Apostle Joshua Selman stands out globally as one of the most balanced teachers of the word of God. His teachings encompass various aspects of life, including success, relationships, and spiritual intelligence, ensuring holistic growth.

4. Humility and Honor: Despite his fame, Apostle Joshua Selman remains humble and honors everyone. His humility is truly inspiring and reflects the character of Jesus.

5. Carries God’s Presence: Apostle Joshua Selman exudes a tangible presence of God that leads to miraculous encounters. His anointing is palpable and undeniable.

6. Demonstrates Results: Apostle Joshua Selman’s life bears testimony to the effectiveness of his teachings. Many, including myself, have experienced transformation and breakthroughs through his ministry.

7. Personal Connection: Apostle Joshua Selman extends love and care to individuals and their families, fostering a strong sense of connection and support.

8. Mind Management: Apostle Joshua Selman prioritizes feeding his mind with enriching content, recognizing the importance of mental wellbeing.

9. Nonconformist: Apostle Joshua Selman does not conform to popular trends but follows the leading of the Spirit, resulting in impactful gatherings despite minimal advertising.

10. Guided by God’s Approval: Apostle Joshua Selman operates under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, ensuring that all his actions align with God’s will.

In conclusion, I deeply appreciate and honor Apostle Joshua Selman for the significant impact he has made in my life and countless others. He carries a unique mantle for our generation, providing profound solutions to complex challenges. I celebrate him as an apostle of our time, graced with diverse mantles and insights into God’s mysteries.




I am a Nigerian gospel minister who is the CEO of Traimi Entertainment. In addition to my role as a blogger, I also work as a social media manager and entrepreneur. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of collaborating with numerous renowned artists and award-winners in the Gospel genre of Christian music, both within my country and abroad.

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