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Apostle Femi Lazarus – Church Project Unveiled

Apostle Femi Lazarus Unveils 180 Million Naira Project for Sphere of Light Church in Abuja

Apostle Femi Lazarus

Apostle Femi Lazarus

Emphasizing the importance of expansion to align with divine purpose, Apostle Femi Lazarus introduces the ambitious Abuja Church Project for Sphere of Light Church. Drawing parallels to the biblical narrative of Jacob’s journey, Lazarus underscores the divine guidance behind their venture into Abuja and the evident manifestation of God’s work in the city.

Witnessing remarkable transformations and the burgeoning impact of their ministry, Lazarus stresses the imperative of accommodating this growth through expansion. Enlisting the support of friends, partners, and well-wishers, he rallies for collective participation in realizing this vision.

With plans to import a tent from China and procure necessary resources, the project aims to foster an environment conducive to the continued manifestation of God’s work. Lazarus appeals for generous contributions toward the targeted 180 million Naira budget, extending gratitude to all supporters.

Join Sphere of Light Church on this journey of faith and transformation as they embark on this monumental endeavor.


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