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Cubana Chief Priest Breaks Trad1tion, No Money Spray

Unexpected Twist: Cubana Chief Priest Ditches Money-Spraying Routine at Recent Event

Surprise Move: Cubana Chief Priest’s Absence of Cash Splash Shocks Attendees

cubana chief priest

He Defies Tradition: Appears at Event Without the Usual Money-Spraying Display

In an unexpected turn, Cubana Chief Priest, a prominent figure in nightlife and celebrity bartending, made a significant departure from his usual lavish style by attending a recent event without his customary money-spraying spectacle. As footage circulated on social media, showing him dancing without the usual cash cascade, it sparked surprise and speculation.

This shift coincides with Cubana Chief Priest’s recent legal challenges, including a N10 million bail for alleged Naira misuse, as charged by the EFCC at the Federal High Court. Amidst varied reactions, from playful banter to serious contemplation, his public image faces scrutiny amidst ongoing legal battles.


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