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Deji Adeyanju Demands Action from Lead British International School Over Namtira Bwa1a’s Bullying Case

Lead British International School Faces Ultimatum from Deji Adeyanju Following Bullying of Namtira Bwala

Deji Adeyanju warns Lead British International School regarding the bullying incident involving Namtira Bwala.

Deji Adeyanju

Human rights advocate Deji Adeyanju has issued a 48-hour ultimatum to Lead British International School in Abuja, urging them to take action against students involved in bullying Namtira Bwala. Through his law firm, Adeyanju and Partners, he called on the school to impose the strictest possible sanctions on the perpetrators or face legal consequences.

A viral video depicted Namtira being physically assaulted by her classmate, Maryam Hassan, prompting widespread outrage. The letter, signed by Marvin Omorogbe and dated April 23, 2024, condemned the school’s failure to address the issue adequately and demanded immediate investigation and severe sanctions against the bullies. If the school fails to act within 48 hours, legal action will be pursued.


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