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Lead British International School Temporarily Closes Amid Bullying Scandal

Parents and School Management Address Viral Bullying Video at Lead British International School

Lead British International School Takes Action Against Bullying, Launches Investigation

Lead British International School

Lead British International School has been temporarily shuttered for three days following the circulation of a viral video depicting bullying among students.

The decision was announced during a press briefing held on the school premises, attended by concerned parents. In response to the distressing footage, which showed a female student being harassed by her peers, the school management swiftly initiated an investigation and expressed strong disapproval of the incident.

Outrage on social media prompted calls for justice and raised awareness about the need to combat bullying. Abraham Ogunkambi, the school’s Head, assured that the matter is being addressed seriously, with support and counseling offered to the victim and her family.

Additionally, disciplinary measures will be taken against the perpetrators, and a panel has been convened to investigate the incident and other reported cases of bullying within the school.


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