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Nathaniel Bassey Discusses the Sale of Tickets for the Hallelujah Festival

"Nathaniel Bassey Discusses the Sale of Tickets for the Hallelujah Festival."

Timi commented, “The Hallelujah challenge, which initially began as an Instagram live event, has now evolved into Nathaniel Bassey selling tickets for a physical concert. This demonstrates significant business growth. My goodness, what a strategy.”

In response to the accusation, Nathaniel Bassey refuted the allegation, emphasizing that they never sold any tickets.

He stated, “Please, for those who claim to have purchased tickets, how much did you pay? This is how people bring trouble upon themselves. May God forgive them. The tickets are free, only registration is required! We have never sold tickets and we never will. Satan is a deceiver!”

In June, Nathaniel Bassey led a worship session that attracted prominent celebrities and thousands of followers from midnight to 1 am daily.

The #HallelujahChallenge garnered over 550,000 followers for the artist, earned him a feature on CNN, and led to Instagram verifying his account.

He concluded the program with the release of a single titled ‘Olowogbogboro’ and the Hallelujah Festival.


I am a Nigerian gospel minister who is the CEO of Traimi Entertainment. In addition to my role as a blogger, I also work as a social media manager and entrepreneur. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of collaborating with numerous renowned artists and award-winners in the Gospel genre of Christian music, both within my country and abroad.

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